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Bitcoin Blog BTC A$30.3k. Bitcoin hits new highs,
18.4% of Aussies own crypto
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Bitcoin Blog Press Release:
Almost one in five Australians now own cryptocurrency
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In Markets Crypto markets held a Black Friday sale when they tanked AU$280B (US$200B) late last week along with share […]

Market update

In Markets After reaching new highs earlier in the month, crypto markets have pulled back across the board, with Bitcoin losing 14% […]

Market Update

In Markets ‘Moonvember‘ isn’t quite as catchy as ‘Uptober’ but Bitcoin and Ethereum have still been making new all time highs. On November 10, […]

Market update

In Markets After a big surge yesterday, and another one this morning, Bitcoin is officially in all-time high territory again […]

Crypto diversification

What is diversification? Diversification is a measure to mitigate risk in a portfolio that usually combines a variety of unrelated […]

Market update

In Markets Uptober was a great month for investors, with Bitcoin up 39.9%, for the best result since December last […]

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