Independent Reserve Cryptocurrency Index IRCI 2020

The Independent Reserve Cryptocurrency Index (IRCI) is a nationwide, cross-sectional research survey that examines Australia’s awareness, adoption, trust and confidence in cryptocurrency. With a score out of 100, the 2020 IRCI sits at 47. 100 would indicate complete awareness, optimism, trust and adoption. 0 would indicate complete ignorance of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and that no one ever heard of Bitcoin.

IRCI 2020 - Almost one in five Australians own cryptocurrency

[SYDNEY, 17 December 2020] As the price of bitcoin surpasses its previous all-time high, a new report released today shows that attitudes toward bitcoin are improving with almost one in five Australians now owning some cryptocurrency. Conducted annually, the Independent Reserve Cryptocurrency Index (IRCI)  is a nationwide survey providing a benchmark for the awareness, trust and confidence that everyday Australians have in digital currencies. Bitcoin is still the best known cryptocurrency, with 88.8 percent of the Australian population aware of it. 


The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network will be forking on the 15th November at approximately 11pm Sydney time.

The fork itself is expected; the network forks every 6 months, however there is a potential for this fork to be contentious due to some conflicting ideas about the future direction of the cryptocurrency. A contentious fork will sometimes lead to two resulting blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

At time of writing it appears the vast majority of miners are signalling in one direction, so it is possible the fork will not be contentious, but time will tell and we will keep you up to date.


We are pleased to announce that we will be listing Synthetix (SNX) and Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT) on our exchange.


We are pleased to announce that we will be listing Compound (COMP) on our exchange. Important dates:

  • 23rd of August (Sunday): deposits and withdrawals enabled
  • 25th of August (Tuesday): trading goes live at 11am Sydney time

Augur (REP) and related trading pairs will be delisted due to network changes and low liquidity.

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