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Bitcoin Blog BTC A$30.3k. Bitcoin hits new highs,
18.4% of Aussies own crypto
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Bitcoin Blog Press Release:
Almost one in five Australians now own cryptocurrency
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Independent Reserve gains licensure approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore

Independent Reserve beats 170 global competitors to become a fully licenced cryptocurrency exchange available to retail and institutional investors in […]


In Markets Despite new China ban FUD, the existing FUD about Evergrande, and the looming passage of the Infrastructure bill […]

In Markets Crypto markets fell this week alongside traditional markets over mounting concerns Beijing will allow Chinese property giant Evergrande […]

What is Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA)? Dollar-cost averaging is the process of making set, regular purchases of Bitcoin (or any crypto) […]


In Markets Bitcoin has had a rocky week, with US$400 billion (AU$544B) wiped off markets on the day the Bitcoin […]


We will be performing system maintenance and upgrades on Sunday the 12th of September at 12pm Sydney time. We expect […]

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